Virtual Offerings

New On-Line Programs!

We are thrilled to offer our valuable materials to those who cannot attend our onsite programs. Our online retreat center is designed to provide you with the same life-changing experiences as our onsite programs, but from the comfort of your own home. 

We hope that by sampling some of what we do, you will be inspired to come and visit us and see the great things happening "inside the beltway".

Upcoming Webinars

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Tools of the Apostle
How to Evangelize the Post-Christian World

We are excited to invite you to embark on a spiritual journey with Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center through our upcoming webinar series, "Tools of the Apostle." The series consists of 4 engaging sessions scheduled on Tuesday mornings and evenings starting May 14th. 

The series consists of 4 engaging sessions scheduled on Tuesday mornings and evenings starting May 14th. 

Morning session: 10:30-11:15 am
Evening session: 7:00-8:15 pm

  • May 14
  • May 21
  • May 28
  •  Jun 4 

Experience the first session at no cost and unlock a wealth of wisdom by signing up for the entire series at just $75. Join us in embracing the spirit of Pentecost and equip yourself with the tools to shine the light of faith in a post-Christian era.

First Session: Free!
Entire Series: $75

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Frp HeadshotPresenter: Fr. Robert Presutti, LC

Led by the knowledgeable Fr. Robert Presutti, each session will explore an aspect of Christ's commission to make disciples of all the world and what that looks like in our current culture and civilization.  We will look at the lay vocation in particular and its special grace to evangelize the secular.

Fr. Robert was born in central Italy and grew up in Chicago. He entered the seminary after high school and completed his formation for the priesthood in Connecticut, Spain, and Rome. Over the years, he has served as vocation director, parochial vicar, and in various roles in educational institutions at the secondary and post secondary level. Most recently he was President and Head of School of Pinecrest Academy (GA) and VP for Academic and Student Affairs at Divine Mercy University, where he also served as Program Director for the Spiritual Direction Certificate. Fr. Robert earned a Licentiate in Philosophy degree from the Gregorian University and Doctorate of Philosophy from the Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, both in Rome. He currently resides in Washington, DC where he serves at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center.


Tools of the Apostle Series Schedule
The series consists of 4 engaging sessions scheduled on Tuesday mornings and evenings starting May 14th. 

  • Tuesday, May 14: Overview: Our Apostolic Mission as Catholics in Today’s World
    During this informative and engaging webinar, we will explore the great commission and what it means for us as Catholics to be empowered to spread the faith and grow the Church. We will take a brief look at the growth of the early Church through the Acts of the Apostles and examine the landmark document of Pope St. Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Announcing the Gospel), which calls for a renewal of the great commission in our world today.

  • Tuesday, May 21: Lessons from the History of the Church
    We will explore the evangelization of the nations in the first centuries and the Church's resilience throughout history. Despite the many reasons the Church should not exist today, it continues to thrive. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the past and thrive in the future! 

  • Tuesday, May 28: Lessons From Some Great Evangelizers In History
    This session will delve into the lives of historical figures and saints who have left a profound impact on spreading the message of Jesus Christ. We will be exploring the lives of two patrons of the missions, Fr. Francis Xavier and St. Therese of Lisieux, as well as recent saints who have embraced the lay apostolic mission. These individuals have exemplified unwavering faith, dedication, and love for Christ, serving as beacons of light for all believers.

  • Tuesday, Jun : The Spirituality of Evangelization and Apostolate
    The concluding session will delve into practical ways of radiating Christ's love in a world that yearns for spiritual guidance and light. In today's post-Christian world, the call to be a beacon of faith is more pressing than ever. Join us as we explore tangible ways to be witnesses of God's love, both to those closest to us and those in distant corners of our lives. Together, we will discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from living out our faith authentically.


First Session: Free! Entire Series: $75

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Tips for finding silence. Virtual Prayer Corner

  • Create a spot in your home where you can be away from any other activity. Here are some ideas for Creating a Prayer Corner in your home.
  • Discuss with other family members your desire to spend this quiet time in prayer. If appropriate, invite them to join you on this journey. 
  • Plan your mealtimes to allow you to continue your prayer time. Make something ahead of time, or make the task of preparing the meal a prayer itself. 

Technical preparations

  • If you don't have ZOOM installed on your computer, download the app and try to familiarize yourself with the controls.
  • Watch the Pre-Retreat Technical Orientation Video.


Virtual Retreat Etiquette and Suggestions for Success

Watching a retreat from home is a new experience for many of us. Here are some suggestions, requests and reminders to help us all stay focused: 

  • Troubleshoot your ZOOM connection early
    Make sure you have the most recent ZOOM download.  Even if you are a pro at video conferencing, it never hurts to double-check your settings and make sure your audio and camera are correctly configured. 

    If you are new to ZOOM, please familiarize yourself with the controls and options of your version. We have prepared a short “Tech Orientation Video” to help walk you through some common problems; please take the time to review this video. After all of this, if you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Tech Manager assigned to your retreat. 


  • Please keep your camera on during the retreat
    Your camera will be turned on upon entering the ZOOM meeting room. It is helpful to our priests and other speakers for everyone’s video to remain on during each talk. Presenting a talk to an empty room can be difficult for anyone, even our priests! They have requested that your camera remain on because having the ability to see your responses and body language while they are preaching encourages them as they strive to be instruments of the Holy Spirit. Of course, if you prefer the privacy, you may turn your camera off.


  • Eliminate distractions from your computer to help you focus on the retreat
    Notifications from messaging applications, ringtones, and applications running on your desktop can be distracting to you, which can make your speaker feel disrespected and undervalued. Mitigating these distractions helps keep you focused on the content.


  • Remember: we can see you
    As mentioned above, we are asking everyone to leave their cameras on. To avoid becoming a distraction for the speaker and other participants, please try to attend the retreat from a quiet area that has minimal background noise and movement. 


  • Maintaining common courtesies
    Though this may seem obvious, video conferencing is just like an in-person interaction, therefore it is important to use the same courtesy you would use if you were in the same room. This includes being on time, paying attention to the speaker, minimizing multitasking and background noises, and refraining from interrupting.