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Why Create a Prayer Corner in Your Home?

Within our homes, we designate places for cooking, eating, socializing, sleeping, and bathing. Do we have a special spot for God within our home? A place set aside for Him, our Heavenly Father, who created us and breathed life into us?

The word “consecration” means “to set apart,” and we must consecrate a space in our home to God. We must give God our best space and our best time. When we order our hearts and homes correctly–with God as the head of our families–our lives transform and we begin to experience true freedom and joy.

Mh CornerMaking a prayer corner in our home is one way to create a special spot for us to spend time with God. It is essential for us to retreat with our Heavenly Father in silence and love.

God has so many plans for your heart. He has so much to tell you, and so many ways that He wants to express His love for you. It is important that we take time for Him and listen to all He has to share with us.

How to Create a Prayer Corner

Here are some tips on how to create a prayer corner within your home:

  1. Assess your home and pick a spot. Where is the best place within your home for you to pray? Say a prayer and ask Christ for help in choosing your prayer corner location.
  2. Place a chair or kneeler in your prayer corner.
  3. Place spiritual reading, a Rosary, and a journal on a side table next to your chair or kneeler.
  4. Surround yourself with holy images. This can help focus your prayer time by reflecting on the lives of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints.
  5. Pray in your prayer corner each day–even if it is for five minutes.
  6. Tell your family about your prayer corner and encourage them to use it, too!
  7. Ask your parish priest to bless your house and specifically your prayer corner!

Do you have a prayer corner in your home? How do you have it set up?

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