Regnum Christi Retreats

Once a year, the members of the Movement should reserve a longer amount of time for their contact with God through a triduum of renewal or spiritual exercises. The Triduum of renewal is three days long, while spiritual exercises may last as long as six to eight days. Spiritual exercises have a specific internal dynamism which, counting on the help of divine grace, leads the earnest retreatant to a strong spiritual experience of conversion and identification with Christ.  

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As an apostolate of the Regnum Christi Movement, Our Lady of Bethesda is proud to serve Regnum Christi members seeking to grow in their faith and deepen their vocation.

15178972 1896685300552365 4248974294314454479 NRegnum Christi Renewal Retreats are a means of perseverance for all Regnum Christi members.  These Ignatian Spiritual Exercises incorporate the spirituality of the Movement and strengthen members in their formation and vocation. 

To find out more about Regnum Christi, visit this website: www.regnumchristi.org

Check out what Regnum Christi is doing is the DC area: www.regnumchristidc.org.



  • SOLD OUT January 9-12, 2020 (Tracks with the 3-Day Women's Spiritual Exercises weekend) Click to join waitlist
  • March 5-8, 2020  Retreat Director: Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC      Register
  • The Week-Long Retreat is also an option for your annual renewal   
     July 23-30, 2020   Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC                Register             


           January 30-Feb 2  Retreat Director: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC          Register

(This RC Triduum retreat tracks with Men's 3 Day Spiritual Exercises)

           June 18-21, 2020 Retreat Director: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC       Cancelled   

What are the Spiritual Exercises?

The Spiritual Exercises are an opportunity to retreat from the hectic, noisy world and encounter Jesus Christ in a more profound and personal way. These retreats touch on so many important aspects of the spiritual life. The central principles are self-knowledge, discernment of God’s will, and the decision to follow Christ our Lord more closely. 

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