It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of demands!

The Monthly Mini-Retreat is a STOP to take stock of what God has done for me, where I am, and where I believe God wants me to be.

  • Meditations and talks are presented by Priests and lay Spiritual Guides
  • Each Mini Retreat includes Mass, Talks, Time for Personal Prayer and a Meal.
  • Cost: $20 per person

Our Lady of Bethesda offers these short format retreats for women every month, September-June. 

Stay tuned 2019 - 2020 Dates will be posted soon

The Art of Relationships: The Masterpiece God is Making of Our Lives

2019 Monthly Topics:


  • Jan: Teaching People How to Treat You 
    • Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
    • Helen Truppo, Lay Member of Regnum Christi
  • Feb:  Topic: Art, Beauty & Relationships
    • Special Guest Speaker: Author, Fr. Mark Haydu, LC
  • Mar: Embracing Change 
    • Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
    • Julie Blatty, Lay Member of Regnum Christi
  • April: Mercy Me!  Healing Broken Relationships 
    • Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
    • Dr. Lisa Klewickim, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • May: A Mother’s Love 
    • Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
    • Melissa Freymann, Lay Member of Regnum Christi
  • June: The Feminine Genius 
    • Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
    • PM Retreat: Dr. Kathy Musslewhite, Lay Member of Regnum Christi
    • AM Retreat: Maribeth Harper, Lay Member of Regnum Christi

November's Mini-Retreat, You're NOT Listening!

December 2018 Mini Retreat~ Social Media: Naughty or Nice?

Past Mini-Retreat Series

Hoc LogoSeptember: Learn to Begin Again!

October: Learn to Live with an Eternal Perspective

November: Learn to Live Hope

December: An Advent Holy Hour: Learn to live Silence

January: Learn to Exercise your Faith

February: Learn to Accompany

March: Learn to Love Lent

April: Learn to Calm the Emotional Storms

May: Learn to Follow our Blessed Mother

June: Learn to Simplify

  • Wednesday Evening Mini-Retreats for Women offered on the 4th Wednesday each month  (unless otherwise indicated in the schedule) from September to June.
  • Time: 7:00 –9:45pm
  • Thursday Morning Mini-Retreats for Women offered on the Thursday that follows the fourth Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise indicated in the schedule) from September to June.
  • Time: 9:45am-noon (we end with lunch, so departure is open ended.)
  • Babysitting:
    • Babysitting is offered at no charge for the Mornings Retreats ONLY. Reservations for Babysitting are required, and can be included on the registration form for each month.
    • Children must be 2 years and older.
    • Space is limited.
Masterpiece2018 1

Thanks, again, so much! This retreat has blessed my life.

- Anonymous

[This retreat] was such a life changing experience. I haven't known how to put it into words. I hope one day I can come again.

- Anonymous