2019 Holy Land Pilgrimages

A Christ-Centered Pilgrimage & Spiritual Exercises in the Holy Land Pilgrimage Dates:

  • March 16-28, 2019 “In the Footsteps of Jesus”  – for first-time travelers to the Holy Land – Fr. John Paul Durán, LC, Spiritual Director
  • March 30-April 11, 2019 “Come, Remain, Go Out” – for those who have already been to the Holy Land and wish to return for a deeper spiritual experience – 8 Day Spiritual Exercises – Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC, Retreat Master
  • March 28-31, 2019 Optional Extension to Jordan: “In the Footsteps of the Early Christians” to include Petra and the Wadi Rum, Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC, Chaplain

Walk where He walked, pray where He prayed!
Come and Experience the person of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land!

Like a destination wedding, come to a destination retreat!  You are invited to a unique and powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, in the same vein as the potent Spiritual Exercises preached by Fr. John Paul Durán, LC and Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC of Our Lady of Bethesda, but in the Holy Land while we retrace Jesus’ footsteps, praying where he prayed and seeing what he saw!

Unique Christ-centered itinerary, begins with the infancy of Jesus: (Eim Karim, Bethlehem), his Baptism and Temptations: (Jericho and Mount of Temptations), his hidden life: (Nazareth), his Galilean Ministry (Cana, Magdala, Tabgha, Primacy, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Mt. Tabor); his entry into Jerusalem, his Passion, Death and Resurrection: (Bethany, Mt. of Olives, Mt. Zion, Holy Sepulcher, Temple steps, Temple Mount, Western Wall and other underground 1st century places in Jerusalem).

Mass, Rosary, Guided Meditations, time for private silent prayer at each of the pilgrimage sites, time and traffic permitting. We have planned our days to begin early and end early in the evening to allow ample time for prayer and rest.  This is a physically demanding pilgrimage.

Fr. John Paul Durán, LC, Retreat Master and Spiritual Director 

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Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC, Retreat Master and Spiritual Director 

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Cris Tallent, Itinerary Designer, Pilgrimage Escort and Coordinator

Come: Experience where He was born, where He lived, where He worked, where He died and where He rose!

  • Day 1    The Visitation: Ein Karem and Transfer to Jerusalem
  • Day 2    His Birth: Bethlehem, Shepherd’s Field, Milk Grotto
  • Day 3    His Baptism and Temptations: Jericho, Judean Desert
  • Day 4    His Early: Life: Nazareth, Cana
  • Day 5    The Calling of His Apostles: Tabga, Magdala, Primacy
  • Day 6    His Public Ministry: Beatitudes, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi
  • Day 7    His Transfiguration: Mt. Tabor, Jocob’s Well
  • Day 8    The Raising of Lazarus: Bethany, Wadi Quelt & Dead Sea
  • Day 9    His entry into Jerusalem & Last Days: Mt. of Olives, Mt. Zion and 1st Century Jerusalem
  • Day 10  His Passion and Crucifixion: Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulcher
  • Day 11  His Resurrection and Pentecost: Holy Tomb, Ascension and Upper Room
  • Day 12  Return USA

Optional Jordan Extension: Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Umm ar Rassas, Petra and Wadi Rum Overnight Adventure (Abraham’s Holy Hour under the stars).

Small groups, minimum-maximum 21-30 participants

  • Unique Pilgrimage Experience: 
  • Combined Pilgrimage and Spiritual Exercises!
  • Retreat Master & Spiritual Directors: 
  • Fr. John Paul Durán, LC and  Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC
  • Exclusive Itineraries designed by Cris Tallent
  • 2019 Prices:  All inclusive Land Price $3,345*
  • March 16-28, 2019  Fr. John Paul Durán, LC
  • Optional Jordan Extension March 28-31 – All inclusive land price $1,145*
  • March 30 – April 11, 2019, Fr. Stephen Ellis, LC

*Double room occupancy basis

For information about the Pilgrimages and booking please contact:
Cris Tallent, Pilgrimage Escort and Coordinator


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