Evenings of Reflection for Men

Mens Reflections Quarantine  2


Virtual Reflections for Men

July 1, 2020


Part 1: Crisis As Opportunity
Preacher: Fr. Daniel Pajerski, LC
Speaker 2nd talk: Bob Cohn

August 19, 2020


Part 2: Holding Onto Your Treasure
Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC
Speaker2nd talk: Charlie McCullough


Minimum Contribution

Minimum Contribution for Virtual Reflections: $10 

Generous contributions have made it possible for us to offer virtual retreats during the Coronavirus shutdown, helping to cover additional technology costs,  fixed on-going expenses and our ability to support our priests.  However, if money is an issue and you need financial aid to attend, please contact us to discuss options. We are trusting in the generous support of many to enable us to provide retreat experiences for anyone regardless of financial ability/resources.

In addition to registering for this event, you can donate in three ways:  

  • Venmo to @OLBinDC
  • Credit card on our donation page
  • Check addressed and mailed to :

Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center
attn: President
7007 Bradley Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Season Finale 6/3/20

Men's June Evening of Reflection

Past Men's Reflections Series

Copy Of Copy Of Copy Of 2018 2019 Mens Reflection 2

Sept: Pride vs. Humility  Preacher: Fr. Daniel Pajerski, LC

Oct:  Envy vs. Generosity  Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC

Nov:  Greed vs. Gratitude   Preacher: Fr. Charles Sikorsky, LC

Dec: Preparing for the Coming of Christ  Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC

Jan: Lust vs. Purity  Preacher:  Fr. Robert Presutti, LC

Feb: Gluttony vs. Temperance Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC

Mar: Lenten Reflection: To Walk Beside Christ  Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC

April: Sloth vs. Militancy Preacher: Fr. Daniel Pajerski, LC              

May: Anger vs. Meekness Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC

Jun: The Sacred Heart of Christ, Our Best Defense  Preacher: Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC