Christmas at OLB

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Stories from the Creche

Every year, a corner of the Chapel at OLB  is transformed into a Judean mountainside. Hills and streams scattered with sheep, trees and falling boulders all surround the traditional manger scene. It’s a labor of love created by one of our treasured volunteers, Cris Tallent.

All who glimpse the tableau become immersed in the peace and serenity of the details. But, this elaborate scene it is not just a way to beautify the chapel, there are stories to be told and lessons to be learned.

Throughout the Advent season, the figures in the scene await the arrival of Jesus.  Naturally, we find the usual suspects: Mary and Joseph in the stable, angels hovering above, and the Magi making their journey in the distance. These bring to mind the obvious stories of Luke’s Gospel.

Additionally, our lush and rocky mountainside includes a few other characters:

  • The crippled man struggling with his crutches foreshadows the miracles Jesus will perform. 
  • The man holding a lamp to light his path suggests the light that Christ’s coming will bring to a dark and troubled world. 
  • Numerous shepherds and even more sheep are found scattered across the mountainside, but one draws our attention. He sits in a little stable embracing his precious sheep, a reminder that if we lose our way our Good Shepherd will search out and find us.

These stories from the Creche can gently lead the observer to contemplate God’s love. Our manger scene is also reflection of Our Lady of Bethesda’s mission to gently lead souls to a profound and personal encounter with Christ. Throughout the year we open the arms of our programs to welcome our guests and gently invite them to discover the story that God wants to share with them.

Have you had a chance to visit our Creche display this year? If not, you are welcome to come and experience the joy of these little stories. Perhaps you will discover one of your own.